Another damn Blogger?!



Yes, indeed, and I am not sorry ;). So now you wonder, who? What? Why? I’ll awnser those questions in a bit…

First of all I want to say thank you for coming here and show your interest even though you have no idea what this is gonna be about. To clearify: I am starting a blog (oh how obvious) and I’ve been thinking about that for a long long time.

With this blog I’ll be posting thing about me, what I do, who I am, and maybe even tutorials and such because well.. we all love tutotials secretly, don’t we?


So here we gonna go! I am Amber. A 25 year old creative weirdo. No I did not call myself that, people call me like so on regular base. I am an alternative model, a student photographer, a post apocalyptic roleplayer together with Le Boyfriend and I stick needles in people (and jewelry too). Aside from all this I am a creative little DIYer and I have quite some hobbies; I started learning woodworking, I can sew, make jewellery and accessoiries, design and make all my post apocalyptic gear myself (or together with Siroj)! Thats just a top layer. Happily in love with Siroj for 3 years and living in the small Netherlands but aiming to move to Germany some day. I love owls, foxes, forests, Iceland, anything Scandivanian. My religion is somewhere among paganism and Asatru. A few of my favorite bands are Wardruna, Fever ray, Omnia, AC/DC, Judas priest, Rob Zombie, Iron Maiden and Pantera. And I change my hair. A lot. Like every month.


Oh so much tekst already and I haven’t really told you anything about the blog itself!

Ok done with the ‘who’ crap for now, if you have more questions you can always ask me 😉 I love awnsering questions!


So… why? Well, I have been thinking about getting a blog for ages, probably for 3 years now haha! But never thought I had something interesting to share with the world except for pictures. Untill people have been telling me I write and talk quite well and should start a blog. Then there was always me.. *sigh* and objecting it wasn’t interesting enough, but they told me it would be becasue I live an interesting life for people who don’t live/know it. ‘Just go write your stuff, who knows what it will bring!’ So here I am, writing down random crap as a start :D.


What will I write then? I’ve been thinking this trough for a few weeks and figured I’ll write about the things happening in my life *yay how interesting huh ;)*. These will be photoshoots I do as a model (and all the pre fun like making props or outfits), Photography things and all the awesomeness that comes along with it. Some fashion posts too! Like outfit of the days, cool fashion I see on the streets and pretty much anything else to do with fashion haha ^^

And I go to a lot of festivals and photograph there so I want to make a big blog post for every single Festival I go to, along with cool pictures of amazing people, the feeling allround and experiences.

A few of these festivals happening from now on and into 2016 will probably be: Wave Gotik Treffen, Elfia, Castlefest (And the first actual winter edition in a few weeks!), Mera Luna, Wacken open air.

With these as main focus I will probably post some personal things too but the titles of the post will always tell you what it’s gonna be about and offcourse the categories do the same 😉


So, for a first time ever- a blog-! Please bare with me as I am too figuring this out and how all this works ❤ The website itself will change over time as I will learn more and more about this.

And a blog is not a blog without some pictures, right?

Meet the maker:


Oh sorry if I scared you a bit..  That will be machinefairy, consider that my alter ego/model persona. The outfit is made by me, make up also by me 🙂 Photo is by Geert Langelaan.

This is me normally:

.. Ok I’m really  having trouble finding a pic that represents the ‘normal’ me.. give me a few minutes..



This is one of my photographs (Under the name of Laguz Photography), with my love Siroj being the model, styling and make up also by me:


AvdV10122015_MG_4560And other one of my work, but in the studio, with Speck from G’s and Gents.


For all my links to social media, portfolio’s, pages and websites you can go to the ‘Social media’ page on top!



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