Live @ CafeObscura

So as I mentioned in an earlier blogpost I would make a post about CafeObscuraLIVE, a fun liveshow in the Netherlands for and by image makers.

On this show we talked about photography with photographers Pamela Bakhuizen, Geert Langelaan and me. We all make very different work and that is what made it fun to combine us in the show. Cafe Obscura LIVE is every friday at 20:00 with different inspiring photographers every time. And as a fun part you can ask questions and they will be awnsered a few seconds after by either Michel or any of the photographers! Oh and in addition we also did a live demo where I was the model together with Michel.

I Knew the host Michel Maat and Geert is my former apprenticeship teacher (am I saying this right? Either way, you get my point 😉 ) . I hadn’t met Pamela before. All three of them are impressive, motivated and fun people! Very inspiring. This photo was taken by Pamela during the demo^^


To be honest, I was very nervous. I may not look like that but I am shy when I have to talk for audience. And you may not hear/see it but I may have been a bit shacky because of the nerves haha! All in all it was a great experience to do 😀 10/10 would do again 🙂

Here is the show: Unfortunatly for all non Dutch speakers it’s all Dutch.


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