Ode to an *sshole

I was so looking forward to see you when the time was there to meet you. You were something new, refreshing and hopefully as good as I expected you to be..

Everything started out so good between us and you brought me so much joy and happiness. The moments we spent together were amazing. I had faith in you. But you had to fuck it up.. Not once, not twice.. no you had to overdo it like the mean bitch you are, no, you had to do it over and over again. Not just to me, but to all of us. You let me down, let all of us down. You brought quite some disaster. All though a lot of these things gave us some good lessons, or at least you thought me a lot. But I am so over you. I am not sure if I ever will be ready to forgive you, but now that I am leaving you behind and I am turning the pages I hope time will make me forget you and I will only remember the good times we had and the lessons that you made me learn the hard way. I am happy to see you go and I hope the ones after you will only be better.

– 2016, you are an asshole and I am staying awake on new years eve, just to see you fade. –



(Don’t get me wrong, haha 😉 2016 was not the easiest and it took away a lot of good things (and artists!) It was a year with ups, down, lessons and positive thoughts. And I know I am not only talking for myself but a lot of people agree when I say that 2016 wasn’t the best! Let’s keep out heads up high, put on our warpaint and get ready for 2017 which can only be good ❤ )


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