Moving to Germany!

Oh wow. big deal, big changes and absolutely impulsive (well actually not so much) and crazy!

I can totally understand that for some reading this, it comes at a surprise, and some of you already know this. I moved to Germany. Northern Germany.

Read all about it in this blog ^^

So what why when how where??

I have been wanting to move to Germany  for over 10 years now, but never thought I would do it anytime soon, it was a long term dream and where the hell would I want to move? But after a couple of years of going to festivals, meeting a lot of people that are now friends, joining my Wasteland Warriors tribe that is based in Germany, finishing my school and quitting my stressful job at a tattoo studio I thought. Now or Never! I have nothing to loose and I am up for this adventure!

The last couple of months I have been spending a lot of time in Kiel and somewhat in Hamburg. I found out that I feel completely in place here.. the atmosphere, the people, the  architecture, the vibe.. it all fits to my liking. And even though my homeland and Germany are neighbor countries, it is a whole different thing here then in the Netherlands.

A couple of things that I immediately noticed was that the people here are way more friendly and not so individual as in NL. People here look after each other, they help you if they can even if they don’t gain anything from it. It is a big eye opener to me that it IS possible for people to be friendly for no reason. Hope in mankind is slightly restored.

Another thing is that you can’t pay with card! I am so used to paying with card for everything (yes even at markets). In Germany it is not a regular thing. So often I found myself at the counter of a store, being unable to pay because I don’t have cash. I think I will never get used to this haha!

Another amazing thing that I never thought could be true, is that crazy hair, piercings, punks and goths are socially accepted! I see supermarket employees with finger tattoo’s or colored hair, piercings in their faces or mohawks. I love this openmindedness. In the Netherlands your level of extremeness really depends on where you want to work and it is a lot less here. Also no dumb catcalls, no annoying comments about clothing and no disrespectful behavior from strangers. It really helps for feeling less uncomfortable when being out there 🙂

So where I am right now? Officially I live in a town which is really close to Wacken, how cool is that? Seeing the village outside the festival.. It is still as if the only focus of the village IS the festival! BUT from here I am looking for a job in Kiel. At first I thought of living in the massive and exciting city that is Hamburg but learned very fast that it is too expensive for my taste (I can compare it too Amsterdam prices). But good, after getting a job, I can have my own appartement here! That will be the first time of my life having my actual OWN apartment, as before I always lived together. And it is so exciting 😀 I can’t wait to make a blogpost of my own apartment, showing you guys all my personal spaces and fantasy world haha!

Offcourse, besides it being super awesome and exciting.. it is also a bit scary. Even though it is only 6-8 hours away from my family, friends and my old hometown.. it is a big change. I have moments of being incredibly homesick because I can’t just go to my brother or mom for an evening or hang out with my best friends to drink coffee at our favorite coffeeshop. And sometimes I feel a bit isolated because of not being able to speak German yet and not knowing where to go outside. And I know it doesn’t look like I am but I am actually incredibly shy and that doesn’t help for going out there or asking people to hang out (and not having a bike as well haha, oh how Dutch). These are things that need to be worked on offcourse, I need to find my place here. And the people here and the friends made so far are being so helpfull and nice and are making me feel very welcome ❤

When it comes to photography and modeling I will have to build up a whole new network of creatives as well. Already made some amazing contacts and I will hopefully soon get to shooting on both sides of the camera again, through all the official things that need to be done, learning the language and finding a job 😀 .

I probably forgot to tell things I wanted to write down in all the chaos and excitement.. feel free to ask me anything if you are curious:D

ALSO! what is very important for me is the fact that I have to return the camera that I borrow from a good friend. Now because of moving, not having a job yet and so on, I have no income. And also for an income I need a camera, which I do not have.

I have launched a Indiegogo funding campaign. If you want to help me with my work, my art and anything else that fits that I would greatly appreciate any help I can get with achieving to buy a new camera ❤

CLICK HERE to find the website.. You can get super cool limited edition calenders of my work for example <3! or posters! or prints! just go check it out

Kalender fotografie.jpg

Or a calendar of my modeling work 😀 

kalender model.jpg


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