Stay creative!

What do you do when you fel uninspired or completely out of creativity? And why should you start creating exactly at the point where you feel like you can’t? Let me share my experience with you in this blog ❤

So after a couple of months of not doing so well (Watch out, it’s gonna get a little personal here..) because of for example moving to another country was emotionally a lot harder than I thought, I had a lot of personal insecurities (that turned me into a shy ‘I don’t wanna bother anyone with my shit’ girl), not being able to find work so money also became a problem and not seeing a way out made me come into a negative spiral without any creativity (or confidence for that matter) right at the point where I had so many projects running (Patreon, photography, modeling, helping out Moment of Salvation, wasteland warrior costumes, keeping all my social media updated, my websites, this blog where I have a 1000 ideas for). I am one of those people that can’t sit still. I can’t do nothing, I NEED to create stuff, otherwise it will drive me insane. I want to do everything, I want to learn everything and I want to be good at everything. my head is always overloaded with inspiration and ideas and a lot of chaos. Which is on one side absolutely great because it’s motivating and I always strive for more and better, but on the other side it makes me unable to focus, and without focus you get nowhere. I decided it was time for a change. I can no longer try to do all the things at the same time while trying to get my personal life fixed again, keeping my head up and not drown in my worries and stress (and this stress actually got physical, and still does.)

So, I am not writing this blog to tell you how bad I have been doing, nor did I started to write with that part to get your pity. But to show you a very personal example that no matter how bad you are doing, there is always room for creativity, even if you feel uninspired, stressed out, bad in any kind of way.. nothing should be a reason not to be creative or uninspired and I am gonna tell you why I think so, and why you should, specifically at these moments, be creative.

I know from myself (through trail and error) that creativity and specially inspiration isn’t always there. But what if I tell you you can trigger your creativity and inspiration?

Try to think about it like this; you don’t always have to make a masterpiece (even though we all want that every time we create, right?), but just working on something will already get you somewhere. Even if you just do little things, you learn from it, maybe you find a new technique that you haven’t tried before? No matter what you do, it will trigger your mind to go on with it at one point. Sometimes you just have to give your mind a little push, by just starting. and who knows where it will lead you?


Yes I have had days that I tried something, failed, threw my project on the ground, cried out of frustration because everything was shit and I was ‘bad at it and I will never be good and everything I make is crap’. But you know what? thats the point you continue, thats where the ‘magic’ happens. Don’t stop, but keep going! my best projects came with the most hate and frustration during building. I remember one time that I wanted to make a new costume piece. I had no inspiration, no ideas, felt creatively empty. But I had to do it, I had to make something, because there was an event coming up. And the more I thought about what  I wanted to make, the more I thought of ideas, the more I felt like I HAD to do it, the more it frustrated me that I could not think of something. While in the meanwhile my boyfriend back then was working hard on his costume and it started to look amazing, and I was still sitting there, almost crying of frustration and anger at myself (and maybe even a bit of jealousy as he was way better then I was, thats what my mind was telling me). I told him all that and his reaction was basically ‘shut the fuck up and just do something, no matter what, just do something. make a cut!’ after a lot of crumpy reactions from me I indeed made a cut in an old pants. And eventually this little thing of frustration turned out into one of my most loved post apoc costume pieces! Moral of the story: Sometimes you just need that little spark, and the trick is to trigger that spark on yourself! Seriously though, I know it’s way easier to be told by someone else for many reasons I’m not even gonna start naming, but learn to tell yourself  ‘shut the f*ck up and do something, no matter what it is!’.


Back to the start of this whole blog.. Why is NOW the time to start, especially when you feel bad in any kind of way?

It is actually proven that being creative makes you happy, it triggers feelings of satisfaction, gives you focus, puts you in a good mood, distracts your mind from trouble or overthinking (stop that, seriously!), It gives you experience and you learn from it (which obviously will result in a satisfied feeling because you see progress), and by just starting any creative project can get you into your ‘flow’. And no one can tell me that getting into a creative flow feels bad! Afterwards you feel better about yourself because you managed to do something and  you see a result of any kind (and mind this: it doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, it can also be learning, progress or something you can always adjust or upgrade later, but it is always good).


My point of this whole blog is. Stay creative. even if you feel like you can’t. Even if you think you have no inspiration, always remember that YOU have the power to ignite that creative spark!



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