First time band photography!

What can I say, I did my very first performance photography. and I must admit that stuff is difficult! All these moving people, not so much light, or weird light.. It was quite exciting and pretty happy with the results.. read all about it 😀


So, my first ever gig where I photographer a band while performing, and first time seeing Moment of Salvation live. and these guys are GOOD I tell ya 😀 (Check out their bandcamp, if you click the name a new window will open with it in your browser). Their performance was wicked, even though the sounds wasn’t completely perfect of the venue, you could clearly hear that these guys know what they are doing 🙂 Pretty wicked stage outfits/looks; a grungy combination of post apocalyptic and metal and with my love for both I gotta say I really liked it! It was fun to be there from the start till the end, took photos in the backstage (these are hilarious but I’m gonna wait with showing those till the guys share them online 😉 )


Ok then back to the point of photography. I was shooting my (borrowed) Canon 60D and my little Plastic fantastic Canon 1.8 50mm. I had a 15-85mm with me as well, but since it’s  just 3.5 aperture it was not really usable as I would have to put my iso so high I’d only get noise (and removing noise from pics in post process is not my best skill). I figured it would be a good idea to start taking pictures a bit before the show and during the soundcheck, so I know the light a bit and the positions of the musicians and found good places to stand. During the show I basically just took a looooot of pictures from angles and moments that seemed good to me, and not just wait for the perfect positions and then missing it.


All in all what I learned: THIS IS AWESOME TO DO!! next time I will probably hire a lens with a wider angle and a aperture of 1.2 or 1.8, because only taking portraits doesn’t really show the whole band and stage and that I think would be awesome too. Just a combination of both close ups and overviews would be perfect. Working with stage lights is great and quite a challenge but I really like that.

There are ofcourse more coming up, but I also have to finish WGT and Jork viking market pictures so all in time :D!

Here are a few of my favorites (To see all, go to my website or my facebook page:

conceptual art photography portrait portret fotografie laguz photography

conceptual art photography portrait portret fotografie laguz photographyconceptual art photography portrait portret fotografie laguz photographyconceptual art photography portrait portret fotografie laguz photography


Offcourse I wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t ask you for feedback, so photographers, artists and any other people with a good opinion: shout it out! I am always open to learn from critiques!


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