REVIEW Ancient Hearts

A little while ago my package came in from Ancient Hears. I was already following this shop quite a while and was SO stocked about getting a few of her amazing items!

Read my review :



Ancient Hearts; A shop for the mystical, curious, witchy, ancient magic and amazing fashion. I have been following her work on instagram for quite a while now (You hould too! she posts her work and art and it all has a magical vibe). If it was for my opinion she could have had one of those amazing quirky shops in Daigon Ally! A couple of weeks ago she had a 10,- giftcard giveaway for her etsyshop on instagram. (Link is below). I had to tag a friend. Offcourse I couldn’t have tagged anyone better then my friend Mara (Psychara) as I knew she would love this just as much as I do. And guess what.. we won among other people! yay!


So I went to the etsyshop and looked at the things she had at that moment. Unfortunatly due to my low budget at that moment  (and time running out for the giftcard)  couldn’t place a bigger order, but I still wanted to support her by spending more then the 10,-.

Here is what I ordered:

Herb box with rune (Mine is filled with sage)

Sigil button (I am working a new jacket so this was needed!)

Krampus postcard (I collect artprints)


I had a few small questions and had send her a message on Etsy. I have NEVER had such a fast reply from a seller online! I was seriously impressed! Her replies were also very friendly, so costumer service +10 points!

She shipped as soon as possible. Which was also very fast 😀  A couple of days later the package came in (It was quite fast because we are in the same country, that helps).

When I opened it I noticed that the items were packed safely and nice:

IMG_0845 as Smart Object-1

after removing the extra packing paper I saw that each item was packed on it’s own as well. She added an extra flyer and a cool sticker which are little art pieces on their own already (Yay! Now thats how you make costumers like me happy :D) and one of those fancy black and white codes that direct you to the webshop:

IMG_0846 as Smart Object-1


All in all: I am very satisfied! Great service, fast replying and safe shipping, awesome and pretty items and a little surprise in the form of a sticker. Besides from all this I love her instagram content and the overal mystical feeling she adds to her work. She knows what she does when it comes to the magical part and knows how to use ancient folklore and magic.

IMG_0850 as Smart Object-1


Definitely a 10/10 would order again! So.. When I have budget again, what would I order?

  • The witches starter herb box! It’s great for starters (Ok, I am not a starter but I love the look and feel of it so much that I just kinda want to have it ^^’ )
  • Bone necklace, jaw with teeth (I may have a love for anything with bones. what makes this one special is the way it has been painted)
  • Raven skull headband (because skulls! and ravens! and fancy gothy accessories! I keep on imagining how cool they would look with my white/blondish fairylocks..)

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 12.06.07 PM


Another cool thing: Next to the products she makes for sale: She is also a photographer and a real witch. You can see that in everything she does. From her logo (Which is a personal sigil she made) to the photography of her products, the designs she makes and the enchanting images she posts on her social media.

So where to find ancient hearts?

Etsy shop


Instagram (Ancient_Hearts)

Pinterest (Her products and photography)



(Taken from instagram)

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.23.42 AM


*Disclaimer: I have not been asked or paid to make this review. This is my personal honest opinion on an order I made of an artist that I follow. I did however asked permission if it was okay if I would write a review, without the artist knowing what I would write and I got permission to do this. If you do want me to write a review on your work, may it be your photography, products or what you make, feel free to contact me. For me it is important that artists get more publication and eyes on the great things they make, because they put their heart and soul in their creations.


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