This blog is about the chaotic yet amazing life I live as Amber Laguz, Machinefairy and also working as Laguz photography. I will be giving you some personal posts about my work itself, along with informative things in and around the alternative scene from fashion to music to festivals to artists and shops! Depending on the reason you are here, there is a clear overview in the category list in case you just wanna know about shop reviews or anything else in specific. My point of this blog? having an creative outlet, writing down personal experiences, while being informative, giving you new ideas, showing you new bands and festivals and some food for thought every now and then 😉



Random details to get to know me a bit:

Age: 27

Relationship: Coffee

Religion: Channeling between asatru and paganism

Current location: Northern Germany, originally from the Netherlands

Other: graduated (freelance) photographer, wasteland warrior tribe member (entertainment), sometimes model, bodymod enthusiast with a split tongue, passion for music while not making it, festival addict and overall adventurer.



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