This blog is about the chaotic yet amazing life I live as Amber Machinefairy, also working as Laguz photography.

On this blog you will find my points of interest: Photography, (alternative) modeling, fashion (styles, ootd’s, hair, everything that comes to my mind). Festival reviews, experiences and photo’s. my lifestyle and all crazy stuff that happens because of it. And some personal point of views offcourse 😉


Random details to get to know me a bit:

Age: 26

Relationship: Coffee

Religion: Channeling between asatru and paganism

Current location: Netherlands, moving to Germany one day

Occupation: graduated photographer, freelance piercer, alternative model

Other random things: Post apocalyptic roleplayer (Wasteland Warriors), makes own clothes and gear, Allround DIYer and creative. Goth, pagan and metal festival addict. Hair dye addict. Iceland obsessed, Scandinavia obsessed. Tea junky and mead lover.


*Probably will add more info later*


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