Halloween make up

BEWARE!! picture heavy post 😀

So I wanted to do this way earlier but life happened and I feel like I still owe you this one after being asked a lot lately about make up things and looks.

It’s not specifically a tutorial but more a post to show you how I ‘build’ up my face out of nothing.

For this I will show you my make up from halloween 2016, no special party but we had a rave at my brothers house. Yes, an actual rave in a normal house (See the photo all the way down 😉 ). Unfortunatly I do not have any professional pictures of it but maybe I will recreate the look for a shoot some day^^, yay or nay?

Anyway! This was the look:



– First of all please don’t mind my uneven thick jawline, I had two wisdom teeth taken out a few days before this with some trouble so it was thick and painfull :’D But the show must go on because it was Halloween!- 

I started with making my face look even and less tired and a bit lighter than normal with foundation.(No I didn’t miss a part near my hairline, that is my hair 😉 )


Then I made the red stripes under my eyes for the big eye look. This was slightly inspired my Noctemy. Red because I wanted some color that would make it a bit more voodoo or creapy. I had no idea where I wanted to go with my make up and I just started with this to see where my creativity would bring me. And this didn’t seem enough so big red brows it was. I used a lip liner btw. Also I started with the dark part above my eyes.

step two.jpg

I already figured my outfit earlier that day and it was all white and with bandages, and I wanted to let the white come back in my face as well. Also as a contrast to the darkness of the red and black. Did my lips in a brown color. I usually create all my ‘warstripes’ out of the blue without any example because I don’t want to be influenced when it comes to things like this and let my creativity flow. This is what came up:



I decided that shiny brown on my lips was not the way to go so I put a velvetine grey (cement) over it. I filled the parts between my eyes and the red line with more white, added black stripes to that and a dark face on the side. It was too boring and clean so had to figure out a way to ‘fix’ that.. plashes are the way to go! 😀
almost done.jpg

Some last things I did were contouring my jawline, adding 1 scleralens (by scleraXL) and one white lens, and my fangs. Offcourse because yay overdoing things for reasons! And putting on my ‘outfit’ which was basically wrapping bewbs with bandage in a smart way xD


Oh and last but not least to really finish the look! White powder to EVERYTHING to make it dusty and dirty ^.^


List of seen items:

I hope this was incredibly super interesting and amazing and inspiring and whatsoever even though I don’t have good pictures ^^’  Thank you for reading and If you want to say something, ask something, leave feedback, want me to do more of these kind of things (but better), let me know and write it down below :D! Enjoy the rest of your day! And here are some more pictures because of reasons 😉




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